About Us

Registered in 2006

Community Uplift and Welfare Development (CUWEDE) is a leading, Community Based Organisation (CBO), registered in Nebbi with Nebbi District Local Government; and operating in all the sub-counties of Nebbi.

CUWEDE works with the poor, rural and marginalized individuals and community groups composed of women, youth and children majority live in a large household size with about 7 people and eat one unbalanced meal a day; lack access to basic services such as clean and safe water, use firewood and Tandoma as sources of energy for cooking and lighting, mainly seek medical assistance with traditional healers and herbalist and usually dropout from schools as early as primary four or five and majority do not even complete the primary school training circle and hardly participate in local governance agenda.

Message from the Board of Directors

This website presents a real picture of Community Uplift and Welfare Development (CUWEDE) a leading Community Based Organisation (CBO) in Nebbi. It also point out to the direction the organisation is to take over the coming years in order to contribute to its vision and mission but more especially helping to bail the people of Nebbi out of poverty, ignorance and diseases since these are the core three fundamental issues affecting the district populace.

At institutional level, we are excited to share with you three main achievements of the organisation in 2020 amidst the COVID-10 pandemic threats; (i) CUWEDE having introduced CoD Lab program which has seen it expand its vocational skills training program; (ii) CUWEDE joining and being approved as a member of Go African Volunteers which we will soon see oversee volunteers coming for community development work over the next few months and (iii) CUWEDE’s partnership with Ssozi.org which has supported the development of an attractive and exciting website that you are currently viewing at affordable and pocket friendly rates. All these will help strengthen the institutional capacity of the organisation especially in fundraising, visibility and making it a unique CBO in the region.

Ms. Jane Ongiera

Chairperson Board of Directors

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