Innovative Poverty Action (IPA) agenda:

IPA 1: Integrated Household Agriculture

CUWEDE works with groups and individual farmers to increase productivity and income through fish rearing (aquaculture), seed and input farmer support, apiary (bee keeping and be product value addition), animal rearing, poultry management and extension services.

IPA 2: Skills Training and Entrepreneurship

CUWEDE is developing the skills and capacity of the youth and young women in various enterprising skills especially carpentry, tailoring and fashion design, motorcycle repair, driving and motor vehicle mechanic, apiary and agro-processing, leather work design, welding, computer skills, building and concrete practice among other marketable trades. Entrepreneurship, business coaching and placement are parts of the lessons and commitment to ensure that, young people and women are mentored to become job creators rather than job seekers and inspire more young people and women to remain self reliance. We also promote Functional Adult Literacy to empower especially women and men through functional adult literacy skills, Village Savings and Loan Associations, art and crafts and income generating activities.

IPA 3: Clean energy, Environment, Water and Sanitation

CUWEDE is keen in fostering climate resilient actions and conservation activities, promotes uptake and adoption of clean energy technologies especially cooked stoves and solar systems, environmental conservation through tree planting, water shed protection, sanitation awareness and hygiene practices, construction and rehabilitation of spring wells, promotion of reusable sanitary pads and innovative toilets and hygiene technologies.

IPA 4: Social protection, justice system and disaster responses

We promote and protect the rights of children, women and vulnerable persons in all forms. Promote equity and fairness and respond to emergencies as and when it arises. We also address health, education and social wellbeing of the children, youth and women through ‘Stop Labour Campaign’, early marriage, child and maternal health services, immunization campaign, game and sports and ensure that their interests are put on the top agenda.