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Nebbi is the poorest district in West Nile and its transformation will require collaborative efforts from all concern actors both locally, regionally and globally. You too can support CUWEDE’s effort by financing project at local level. You can also volunteer to fundraise for our work, share your skills with our team, learn new skills and cultures, and make new friends and gain new experience.

We invite you to join our real poverty reduction effort dubbed; “Nebbi Thursday Economic War on Poverty” where every Thursday we do aide and provide support to the selected most vulnerable in Nebbi  by giving them food, clothes, housing/shelter, school fees/scholastic materials, sporting or health equipment, water and sanitation facilities, vocational training kits/tools/equipment or a matching gift of 1$, 5$ or 10$. This will go a long way in improving their wellbeing and remove them from poverty and vulnerability.

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